AIM has a simple goal: To provide you with the highest level of relocation services currently available through an online relocation service. Our service is geared towards relocating families as well as businesses. We will assist you with a marketing strategy as well as a top-notch destination services.

Real Estate services are he cornerstone of any effective relocation program and our network of brokers is second to none in their depth of relocation experience. We understand that transferees need to feel cared for during a very stressful time and know that they will appreciate the care and professional service they will receive. 

The overall objective of AIM is to help families move by:

  1. providing technologically efficient relocation services;
  2. performing efficiently for corporate employees many of the relocation tasks he/she would do inefficiently;
  3. minimizing the amount of time required for the relocation, from initiation to integration in the new community;
  4. helping reduce the stress level involved with a transfer, and;
  5. helping the family adjust to the move and the new location.
For companies who have or who desire to have some type of company 'buyout' of the transferee's (or new recruit's) existing home:
ERC Appraisal Management
Inspection Services Management
Corporate Inventory Management