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AIM offers potential borrowers a step-by-step overview of the mortgage process. along with a checklist of items you will need when applying for a home loan or refinancing.

All types of calculators are available for your  financial needs including loan qualification, settlement costs determination, loan amortization, etc.

Find valuable government information on mortgages, regulations and the mortgage process. FNMA, HUD, VA, FEMA and more.

Can you figure out mortgage ads. Its not easy unless you know what to look for.

Not sure of all the terminology? Brush up on your mortgage vocabulary with the help of the comprehensive financial glossary.

With all the different types of loan packages, its not easy to determine what the best type of loan is. Conforming fixed rate loans are common but  Variable rate mortgages are popular when interest rates are high. What do you do if your mortgage has been sold to another servicer?