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When applying for a conventional loan, most, if not all of the following information will be required of the borrower and/or co-borrower. It is strongly recommended that you check your credit and correct errors first.

Name of borrower(s)
Current address, (if less than 2 years, provide previous address)
Social Security number(s)


  • Employer name
  • Employer mailing address (for verification of employment)
    ** If less than 2 years of continuous employment, provide name and address of previous employer **
  • List of assets including all real and personal property
  • Bank accounts: type, bank name, address, account #, balance
  • Stocks and bonds: number of shares, name, current market value
  • Life insurance: company, face amount, cash value
  • Real estate: description, address, current value, amount of liens, income and expenses
  • Personal property: furniture, jewelry, automobiles, collections and estimated value
List of liabilities
  • Credit card(s): name, address, account number, outstanding balance
  • Installment loan(s): name, address, account number, outstanding balance
  • Mortgage loan(s): name, address, account number, outstanding balance
  • Other amounts due: name, address, account number, outstanding balance


  • Current housing expense

* If you own, name and address of mortgagee, account number, monthly payment, annual taxes and insurance.

** If you have rented or owned for less than two (2) years, provide previous references

Required Documents

  • Signed Purchase and Sales Agreement with addendums
  • Copy of deed or legal description of property
    Title reference: Registry __________, Book _____, Page# _____
  • Property tax bill
  • Survey or plot plan (if available)
  • Condominium, PUD, PRD or cooperative documentation
  • Listing sheet
  • Name, address and telephone number
    of both listing broker and selling broker

Special Documents

  • If you are self-employed, seasonally employed, commissioned or rely upon rental or dividend income, you will be required to provide two (2) years of signed Federal Income Tax Returns (including all schedules).
  • If you receive or pay alimony or child support, you will be required to provide a copy of the divorce decree, maintenance agreement, copy of support checks for twelve (12) months, and two (2) years income tax returns.
  • If any part of the down payment is borrowed or a gift, you will be required to disclose the terms of the financing or present a gift letter from the donor.
  • If you are owner, co-owner, partner, trustee or investor in a copy, partnership or trust, you will be required to provide corporate or appropriate tax returns to verify income.
  • Since each loan application is unique, other specific information may be required. If you are aware of any facts which materially affect your income or ability to support the loan, be prepared to provide detailed information or documentation to the lender.